Payment Processing Information

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of the Treasury offers several options for Electronic Payment Processing Services.  Elavon provides Merchant Card Retail Point of Sale, eCommerce solutions, Bill Payment and Presentment Solutions to provide robust hosted and integration options and service offering includes  web ACH acceptance. 

Under this multi award, the Treasury's offering with Wells Fargo Merchant Services  include solutions for Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment Services (EBPP) and ACH Origination Services. 

Contract Features

  • Eligible to all State agencies, local governments and qualified public bodies of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • State agencies and localities interested in the state’s multi awarded contract should contact the Virginia Treasury at

Additional Payment Device Processing Services, hardware and eCommerce Solutions

Please address questions to and a member of our Treasury Banking Services team will follow up.  

More information for the Wells Fargo Merchant Services solution is available by contacting Virginia Treasury to liaison with their relationship contact Lexi Custis that oversees the Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment Solution at Wells Fargo.