Merchant Card Information

ELAVONThe Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of the Treasury offers several options for Electronic Payment Processing Services.  Elavon provides the Merchant Card Point of Sale,eCommerice solutions to include web ACH acceptance.  There are two additional awards for Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment solutions. Contact Treasury for more information.

Contract Features

  • Eligible all State agencies, local governments and qualified public bodies of the Commonealth of Virginia.
  • State agencies and localities interested in the state’s contract should contact the Virginia Treasury at
  • Option to accept pin and pinless debit cards.
  • Option to create an agency/locality gift card.
  • Option to accept WEB ACH
  • Elavon's $0.015 per transaction Tier 4 pricing  This per item transaction pricing is in addition to the appropriate card association's pass through interchange fee. Please see Pricing Estimator Tool to determine your agency's costs.

Additional Payment Device Processing Services and eCommerce Solutions

Please address questions to