Merchant Card Information

ELAVONThe Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of the Treasury is pleased to announce that Elavon is the successful bidder for the State’s merchant card contract. The new contract became effective February 1, 2010, with pricing taking effect March 1, 2010. This contract period is a five-year term with three one-year renewals. Please refer to Contract Number CMI 10-001 for details.

Contract Features

  • Extension of the contract to local governments.
  • Localities interested in the state’s contract should contact Don Russell with Elavon. When a Local Government Joinder is executed, the locality must email Treasury's Merchant Services.
  • Option to accept pin and pinless debit cards.
  • Option to create an agency/locality gift card.
  • Option to accept (ACH) electronic checks.
  • Elavon's $0.020 per transaction Tier 3 pricing is effective as of July 1, 2013 and the Commonwealth anticipates Tier 4 pricing effective in January 2018 based on trending transactions ranges. Elavon's $.015 per transaction will go into effect and will apply to all participants. This per item transaction pricing is in addition to the appropriate card association's pass through interchange fee. Please see Pricing Estimator Tool to determine your agency's costs.

Modifications to the Contract Status CMI 10-001

Contract scheduled to expire on July 31, 2018 has hereby been extended to October 31, 2018 or until the new contract is awarded.-INTENT to Award posted October 3, 2018-updates coming soon! COVA participants may contact Treasury for additional information.

The merchant card contract between the Department of the Treasury and Elavon for use by state agencies and localities is effective as of February 1, 2010. Please refer to Contract Number CMI 10-001. For information on Contract Number CMI 10-001 (Third Renewal and final). Pricing effective March 1, 2010.

Merchant Card Guide and Tools

Additional Payment Device Processing Services

Please address questions to Christina Wilhelm or Stuart Goodpasture.