Plans & Programs

Pursuant to state law, the Division of Risk Management (DRM) administers various risk management plans and programs that protect Virginia's state government, political subdivisions, some non-profit organizations, and certain individuals serving in the public interest from financial loss. Depending on the entity or individual, this protection may include tort liability, public officials liability, law enforcement liability, professional liability (including medical or legal malpractice), automobile liability, automobile physical damage, property, boiler and machinery, watercraft, aviation, and employee malfeasance (surety bonding).

Here is an overview of some of the entities and individuals eligible to participate in DRM's plans and programs. More detailed information is available by clicking on the entity or individual or by contacting DRM:

Entity or Individual Liability Auto Property Bond
Area agencies on aging X X
Attorneys, pro bono or state court-appointed X
Constitutional officers X X1
Counties, cities, towns, authorities, boards, etc. X X
Free clinic volunteer health care practitioners or Free clinics X
Guardians X
Meals on Wheels organizations X X
Regional jails X X
State agencies, institutions, boards, etc. X X X X
Vanpools X
Virginia Railway Express X X
Volunteer drivers for qualified nonprofit organizations X

1 Also includes general receivers of the circuit courts.