Plans and Programs for State Government

Pursuant to state law, the Division of Risk Management (DRM) protects the Commonwealth of Virginia's departments, agencies, institutions, boards, commissions, officers, agents, and employees against the financial risks that result from legal liability, property damage or loss, and loss of state funds. DRM offers the following:

  • Liability (including Automobile Liability)
  • Property
  • Automobile Physical Damage (CarCare)
  • Bonds
  • Aviation and Watercraft


Pursuant to §§ 2.2-1837 and 2.2-1838, Code of Virginia, DRM administers a risk management plan for public liability that protects the Commonwealth's departments, agencies, institutions, boards, commissions, officers, agents, or employees against liability imposed by law for damages. The plan provides protection against tort liability, public officials liability, law enforcement liability, medical malpractice, automobile liability, and watercraft liability.

Need to verify the loss history for an individual health care practitioner for credentialing or other purposes? Click here.

State agencies and institutions required to provide a liability certificate of coverage for their activities may download a Certificate of Coverage form below. This form, which can be completed online, should be printed on the agency's or institution's letterhead and signed by the appropriate agency official (do not list an additional insured on the certificate). The original signed certificate should be given to the requesting party and the agency should retain a copy for its records. In the event of a claim or lawsuit, please forward a copy of the certificate to DRM along with other relevant documents.

*Liability Certificate below is only to be used for events within the United States.  If you are seeking coverage for events outside the United States such as international travel please contact the Division of Risk Management.

Liability Certificate of Coverage

Civitas™ is DRM's proprietary risk management information system. Registered Civitas users can access real-time loss data, loss control information, and other features uniquely suited to their entity's operations through a secure, web-based portal created and maintained by DRM. For more information about Civitas, click here.


Property Coverage

Pursuant to § 2.2-1836, DRM administers a risk management plan that protects against loss of or damage to state-owned or some leased property, including buildings and their contents, boilers and machinery, aircraft, watercraft, fine arts and antiquities.

To obtain a property certificate of insurance, please email Robin Johnson with Marsh and McClellan at

Jurisdictional (boiler and machinery) inspections can be scheduled by:

Tom Kiernan
East Regional Supervisor

Cell: 757-705-6337

Policy Number is US00076116PR19A

Builders' Risk coverage, limited to $100,000 for additions, alterations or repairs, is also available. State agencies that need Builders' Risk coverage may download and complete the form below and provide it to their contractor subject to G.S. Form E&B CO-7, section 12, "All Risk" Builder's Risk Insurance. A copy of the completed form should be sent to DRM and a copy should be retained by the agency for its own records.

Builders' Risk Certificate of Coverage

The Virginia Agency Property System (more commonly known as VAPS) is an online database for maintaining insurance values for state-owned buildings and their contents (non-owned buildings occupied by state agencies are also included). VAPS allows agencies and institutions to modify their own property and location values as well as other property information. For more information about VAPS, click here.

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Automobile Physical Damage Coverage (CarCare and LeaseCare)

CarCare is an optional automobile physical damage program for state agency-owned vehicles as well as state-owned vehicles on long-term lease from the centralized fleet managed by the Department of General Services. CarCare provides comprehensive and collision coverage similar to that found in most commercial automobile insurance policies.

LeaseCare is an optional automobile physical damage program for commercially leased vehicles used on official state business. Like CarCare, LeaseCare provides comprehensive and collision coverage similar to that found in most commercial automobile insurance policies.  If you have LeaseCare and are leasing a vehicle outside of the United States, please contact the Division of Risk Management to ensure coverage can be provided.

The Virginia Automobile and CarCare System (VACCS) is an online database that allows agencies to maintain their automobile exposure information. VACCS also facilitates electronic billing for CarCare.



DRM's bond program for state officials and employees consists of the Blanket Fidelity Bond.

Blanket Fidelity

This self-insured bond protects the Commonwealth and its agencies against loss due to employee dishonesty. It covers all state officials, employees, and authorized volunteers. The bond limit is $500,000 per loss, regardless of the number of officials, employees or authorized volunteers involved. Separate limits may apply to specific officials and employees.

Aviation & Watercraft Coverage

In accordance with §§ 2.2-1836 and 2.2-1837, the Commonwealth's liability and property risk management plans combine to provide protection for state agencies and institutions with aircraft and/or watercraft. Depending on the availability and cost of commercial insurance coverage, these programs may vary between commercial insurance and funds managed by DRM or some combination of the two. Currently, the Commonwealth's aviation exposures are underwritten through a commercial aviation insurance policy. Watercraft hull coverage is provided through a commercial hull insurance policy while watercraft liability protection is provided by the liability risk management plan.