Constitutional Officers & Regional Jails

Liability Coverage

As required by statute (§ 2.2-1839, Code of Virginia), the Division of Risk Management has established a risk management plan to provide protection against liability imposed by law for damages resulting from claims made against Virginia's constitutional officers and regional jail authorities. Constitutional officers are locally elected officials and include Clerks of the Circuit Courts, Commissioners of the Revenue, Commonwealth's Attorneys, Sheriffs, and Treasurers.

The Constitutional Officer and Regional Jail Risk Management Plan ("VaRISK") provides coverage for tort liability, law enforcement liability, public officials liability, and medical malpractice, depending on the needs of the plan participant. VaRISK protects all constitutional officers and regional jails in the state with funding from the state Compensation Board.

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Civitas™ is DRM's risk management information system. Access to real-time claim data and other features is available to constitutional officers, regional jail superintendents, and certain authorized employees through a secure, web-based portal managed by DRM.

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Surety Bond Coverage

In accordance with § 2.2-1840, DRM provides surety for the faithful performance of duty for those constitutional officers and superintendents and officers of regional jail facilities required by statute to be bonded. To see a list of constitutional officers and jail officials required to be bonded and the amount of bond required, please feel free to contact DRM and we can provide the listing. Pursuant to § 2.2-1841, surety is also provided "for the faithful discharge of duty with respect to monies held pursuant to § 8.01-582 and 8.01-600 by all general receivers and clerks."

DRM provides ongoing training and loss control opportunities for VaRISK members. Please refer to our Loss Control & Training page for more information.