Volunteer Drivers for Nonprofit Organizations

Liability Protection for Drivers for Qualified Nonprofit Organizations

Pursuant to § 2.2-1839, Code of Virginia, DRM offers liability protection to volunteer drivers for any nonprofit organization that provides transportation for elderly, disabled or indigent persons to receive medical treatment and services. In addition, liability protection is available to volunteer drivers for any local chapter or program of the Meals on Wheels Association of America or any area agency on aging that provides meal and nutritional services to persons who are elderly, homebound or disabled. This protection is available regardless of whether the organization itself is covered through DRM. Eligibility criteria and other details regarding this coverage can be found in  § 2.2-1839.

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Important: Coverage is not effective unless the organization at which the volunteer serves has registered him or her with DRM. Registration of volunteer drivers is managed online using DRM's secure, web-based system, Civitas™. For more information about Civitas, click here.

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