Free Clinics & Free Clinic Volunteer Health Care Practitioners

Liability Coverage For Free & Charitable Clinics

Note: Information about liability protection for free clinic volunteer drivers can be found by clicking here. These coverages are available regardless of whether the clinic itself is covered through DRM.

Pursuant to § 2.2-1839, DRM offers comprehensive liability coverage to free clinics & charitable clinics in Virginia. VaRISK 2 is a voluntary liability risk management plan available to "any clinic that is organized in whole or primarily for the delivery of health care services without charge" (§ 2.2-1839). The plan provides coverage for tort liability, errors and omissions, and medical malpractice.

Clinics may apply for membership in VaRISK 2 by submitting a completed application and copies of their incorporation papers and other documents confirming their organization and activities.

The completed application and supporting documents can be sent to DRM by fax (804-371-8400) or by mail:

Free & Charitable Clinics Program
Virginia Division of Risk Management
PO Box 1879
Richmond, VA 23218-1879

Upon receipt, the application materials will be reviewed and a no-cost, no-obligation premium quote will be provided.

Free Clinic Program Application

By June 1 each year, free clinic program members should update DRM regarding significant changes in their organization (employees, operations, activities, etc.). This can be accomplished by downloading the Notice of Changes form below and returning the completed form to DRM by fax (804-371-8400) or by mail at the address above.

Free Clinic Notice of Changes

Liability Coverage For Volunteer Health Care Practitioners

Pursuant to § 54.1-106, Code of Virginia, DRM offers medical malpractice coverage for health care practitioners who volunteer their services at Virginia's free clinics and federally-qualified health centers. This coverage is available regardless of whether the clinic itself is covered through DRM. Eligibility criteria and other details regarding this coverage can be found in § 54.1-106.

Important: Coverage is not effective unless the clinic at which the volunteer serves has registered him or her with DRM. Registration of volunteers is managed online using DRM's secure, web-based system, Civitas™. For more information about Civitas, click here.

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Claims Histories For Individual Health Care Practitioners

The medical malpractice coverage provided by DRM's various risk management plans is funded by state government and other public entities, not individual health care practitioners. DRM does not maintain claims histories for individual practitioners and cannot provide such information for credentialing or other purposes.

Under certain circumstances, DRM is required by law to report medical malpractice payments to the National Practitioner Data Bank and the Virginia Department of Health Professions. Although we are prohibited by law from disclosing these reports to third parties, you may be able to obtain more information directly from the NPDB or the VDHP.