Area Agencies on Aging & Meals On Wheels

Liability Coverage

Note: For information about liability protection for volunteer drivers for Meals on Wheels or any area agency on aging, click here. This coverage is available regardless of whether the organization itself is covered through DRM.

Pursuant to  § 2.2-1839, any local chapter or program of the Meals on Wheels of America or any area agency on aging providing meals and nutritional services to persons who are elderly, homebound or disabled is eligible to enroll in VaRISK 2, a statewide liability risk management plan administered by DRM. The plan provides tort liability and errors and omissions coverage. Eligible organizations can apply for membership in VaRISK 2 by submitting a completed application and copies of their incorporation papers, 501(c)3 paperwork, and other documents confirming their organization and activities. The application may be downloaded below using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The completed application and supporting documents can be sent to DRM by fax (804-371-8400) or mail:

Virginia Division of Risk Management
P.O. Box 1879
Richmond, VA 23218-1879

Upon receipt, the application material will be reviewed and a no cost, no obligation premium quote will be provided.

Meals on Wheels/Area Agency on Aging VaRISK 2 Application

Automobile Physical Damage Coverage (CarCare) and LeaseCare

CarCare is a voluntary automobile physical damage program administered by DRM. It provides protection for owned and/or long-term assigned central garage vehicles for area agencies on aging. The coverage provided by CarCare is comparable to the comprehensive and collision coverage found in most commercial insurance policies.

LeaseCare is an elective leased automobile physical damage program for state agencies, political subdivisions and other organizations enrolled in a Division of Risk Management program.

The Virginia Automobile and CarCare System (VACCS) is an online database that allows CarCare members to maintain their automobile exposure information and facilitate electronic billing for their coverage.