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Liability Coverage

Note: For information about liability protection for volunteer drivers for Meals on Wheels, area agencies on aging, and certain other nonprofit organizations, click here. This coverage is available regardless of whether the organization itself is covered through DRM.

VaRISK 2 is a voluntary, comprehensive, liability self-insurance plan uniquely suited to the needs of Virginia’s cities, towns, counties, public schools, and every type of district, commission, board, authority, and other specified organizations. In accordance with  § 2.2-1839, the plan provides coverage for tort liability, law enforcement liability, public officials liability, and medical malpractice, depending on the needs of the entity.

Verification of medical malpractice claims for credentialing and other purposes: Click here.

Public entities may apply for participation in VaRISK 2 by submitting a completed application to DRM along with copies of their by-laws and incorporation papers. The application may be downloaded below. These documents should be sent via fax (804-371-8400) or mail to:

Division of Risk Management
Program Administration
P.O. Box 1879
Richmond, VA 23218-1879

Upon receipt, the application will be processed and a no-cost, no-obligation quote will be sent to the entity.

VaRISK 2 Application (prospective members only)

VaRISK 2 members should keep DRM advised of changes in their exposure. This can be accomplished by downloading the form below, printing it, then returning it to DRM via fax at 804-371-8400.

Exposure Update Form (current members only)

Automobile Physical Damage Coverage (CarCare)

CarCare is a voluntary automobile physical damage program administered by DRM. It can offer protection for owned and/or long-term assigned central garage vehicles for VaRISK 2 members. The coverage provided by CarCare is comparable to the comprehensive and collision coverage found in most commercial insurance policies.

The Virginia Automobile and CarCare System (VACCS) is an online database that allows CarCare members to maintain their automobile exposure information and facilitate electronic billing for their coverage.

VACCS Login To access VACCS, click the button.

Effective 3/1/2019, the Commonwealth of Virginia will no longer add an additional insured to any Certificate of Coverage's that are prepared.  Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact DRM.